Missouri Farmer and rancher Q&A

Q&A with the schnakes 

"We love what we do and we take good care of our animals. I feel good about the beef that we raise and the consumer can be confident that beef that they feed to their family is the same beef that I feed mine." -- Scynthia Schnake

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q&a with the kleiboekers

"We truly care about our role in helping cattle convert plants we can not eat into the best source of protein for the human diet. We strive daily to be ever better care takers of our cattle and the land and forages we we are responsible for. We hope it all culminates into a great tasting, nutritious and satisfying beef meal for you and your family!" -- John Kleiboeker

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Q&A with the Worthingtons 

“We believe the beef industry, while challenging is also very rewarding. It is those challenges that give us a reason to get up every day seeking a better way to produce the worlds protein.” – Josh Worthington  

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Q&A with the Waters

Barthle - shot from behind cowboy with cattle in front of him

“We take seriously our stewardship of the land and resources we have access to, and strive to leave those resources in better condition than we found them in for the next generation to care for.” --- Glen Waters 

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Q&A with the mershons

“We are passionate about what we do and on improving our operation each and every day.” --- Tracey Mershon 

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Q&A with the schafers

We are just a normal family on a modern day normal farm. I believe as a farmer or rancher it's your responsibility to leave this Earth in better condition than when you started, and if you do your very best to care for the land and the cattle, then they will take care of you. -- Daniel Schafer 

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