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Learn more about the Beef Checkoff, how MBIC is investing your Checkoff dollars, programming and resources available to farmers and ranchers in  Missouri. 

Private Treaty Remittance Form 

Monthly Remittance Form 

Monthly Remittance



Notice is hereby given that the Director of Agriculture will be conducting an election to fill three positions on the Missouri Beef Industry Council Board of Directors. One regional council member is to be elected in each of Regions 1, 2 and 3. Terms of office are three years.

Any cattle producer within the specified regions of the State of Missouri who is producing cattle for market and the legal owner of one or more head of cattle becomes eligible to vote in the election by registering at his/her respective Farm Service Agency (FSA), or electronically at prior to July 20, 2024. Cattle producers who have voted in any of the previous three (3) elections are not required to register unless their address has changed. 

The Missouri Department of Agriculture will mail ballots to registered producers on August 12, 2024. Ballots must be postmarked no later than August 31, 2024 to be valid. 

Any qualified producer may be nominated and have his/her name placed on the ballot provided the independent nomination is accompanied by petition of not fewer than 100 producers in the nominee’s region and written permission of the candidate. Petitions must be delivered to the Director of Agriculture on or before July 20, 2024. Petition forms are available from the Missouri Department of Agriculture by calling 573-751-5611.

Collections and Compliance 

By law, all producers selling cattle or calves, for any reason and regardless of age or sex, are required to pay $1 per head to support beef/veal promotion, research and information. The buyer, generally, is responsible for collecting $1 per head from the seller, but both are responsible for seeing that the dollar is collected and paid. 

  • Whoever makes payment to the seller is considered a "Collection Point" or person and must withhold $1-per-head, remitting those funds to the Qualified State Beef Council (QSBC) where they live. Collection points could include auction markets, feedyards, dealers/order buyers, other producers, auctioneers, clerking services, banks, packers and other entities. 
  • The buyer is generally responsible for collecting $1 per head from the seller. By law, both buyer and seller are equally liable to see that $1-per-head has been collected and paid. 
  • Also under the Act and the Order, the State Beef Council is legally responsible for collecting monthly assessments as well as a two percent late charge on checkoff remittances if they are not received in our office postmarked by the 15th of the month following the month of sale. 
  • No producer is exempt from the checkoff. Buyers who resell cattle no more than 10 days from the date of purchase may file a non-producer status form and avoid paying an additional dollar. They are, however, responsible for remitting collected funds and reporting any transaction to the QSBC. 
  • Remember: A dollar or a document! All selling/purchase transactions must be reported. In each case, either $1-per-head or non-producer status form document must be collected by the buyer from the seller to show the dollar has been collected and paid within the past 10 days. 
  • If it's more convenient, the seller of cattle may collect and remit funds collected. For instance, purebred breeders selling to many different buyers may wish to remit the checkoff themselves; persons exporting cattle should also pay when the cattle change hands. Buyers should keep receipts showing the checkoff has been paid. 
  • Persons in non-compliance with the Act and Order are subject to a civil penalty of up to $7,500 per transaction, plus unremitted checkoff dollars and interest. 
  • Research shows the checkoff returns more than $11 to the industry for every dollar invested.    

Pre - Payment  

This is a voluntary program allowing any producer who is retaining ownership and shipping cattle of his own production out of state for feeding, finishing, backgrounding, or grazing to elect to prepay the checkoff assessment to the state beef council in his state of residence. 

To request a pre-payment form, contact: 

Missouri Beef Council c/o Missouri Dept. of Agriculture  

P.O. Box 630 Jefferson City, MO 65102-9911  573-751-5633 

or Missouri Beef Industry Council 2306 Bluff Creek Drive #200  Columbia, MO 65201 573-817-0899


Beef Promotion Grants 


Promotion Grant Categories: 

  • Special Event Advertising 
  • Retail Promotions 
  • Billboards/Trailer Wraps/Permanent Signs 

Promotion Grant Funds have all been allocated for FY24! Check back in October for a chance to receive a Promotion Grant in FY25.

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Beef Education Grants 


Education Grant Categories: 

  • Education Events 
  • Educational Dinners Featuring Beef

Education Grant Funds have all been allocated for FY24! Check back in October for a chance to receive an Education Grant in FY25.

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