Q&A with The Schnakes

Meet Your Rancher: The Schnake Family 

Give a Brief description of your farming operation. 

We have a commercial cow/calf operation in Southwest Missouri. After weaning the calves we background them for approximately 90 days before they go to market. We also buy and feed stocker cattle. 

why are you passionate about the beef industry? 

For me personally there is nothing more satisfying than to to see that baby calf grow knowing that it is going from our pasture to someone's plate as the tastiest, safest and most nutritious protein a consumer can buy. The Beef Industry is a very complex process. I have had the opportunity to visit some large feed lots and processing plants and one thing that remains constant through the entire journey of that calf's life is the shared commitment to raising cattle in a safe, humane and environmentally sustainable way. I'm proud of that! 

What do you want consumers to know about you and your farm? 

Every new season has new challenges and it takes patience and dedication to be in the cattle business. We love what we do and we take good care of our animals. I feel good about the beef that we raise and the consumer can be confident that beef that they feed to their family is the same beef that I feed mine. 

What is one of your favorite beef meals or recipes? 

My family loves a good pot roast cooked slow in the crock pot all day with potatoes and carrots. 

Schnake Farm

Stotts City, Missouri


Between 6-12 months of age, cattle spend time at stocker and backgrounder farms and ranches where they graze on a variety of pastures. Here they gain weight and convert forage and grass into lean protein.

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