Cows in green pasture

May is Beef Month

May is National Beef Month … and why not?! Warmer, longer days have finally come back around, cow-calf pairs are out in grazing in green, lush pastures, and better yet, the weather is perfect for grilling – and nothing is better on the grill than a sizzling cut of beef. To commemorate our favorite month of the year (aka Beef Month), here are FOUR ways you can take and share in the FUN!

1. ADVOCATE: Share your passion for BEEF.  

Missouri beef producers have a long history of caring for their cattle and the environment by protecting land, air and water resources on their farms and ranches. With over 53,000 farms, encompassing more than 10 million acres which support over 4.3 million head of cattle, we have quite a lot to be proud of! Take a moment this month to share your beef story.

Pasture to plate conversations about beef’s production, care, nutrition, and sustainability are happening online, whether you take part of not. Join the conversation and shine a positive light on Missouri’s beef industry. Post of picture of your spring pairs out in the pasture or share a video grilling your favorite cut of beef. 

2. JOIN US: Where we will be throughout BEEF Month.  

Transitioning to road gear, the MBIC is taking on Beef Month full force. On May 4th, joined by Governor Parson, the May as Beef Month proclamation took place at KC Cattle Company in Parkville, Missouri. Following, on May 5th, MBIC and a team of passionate beef advocates joined efforts with Missouri Farmers Care (MFC) to initiate beef-centric conversations with Cardinals’ fans prior to the start of their home game at Busch Stadium. 

Additionally, throughout the month, MBIC is partnering with KMIZ ABC17 to host an online Beef Month contest. Participate in the contest HERE. Lastly, engage with us socially, as we share a collection of intriguing content, from cattle industry facts to beef’s nutritional benefits, and lastly, our favorite, delicious beef recipes. 

Classic Beef Cheeseburgers

3.  EDUCATE: Share your knowledge OF BEEF.

Use Beef Month as an opportunity to meaningfully connect with those who do not have direct access to the farms and ranches where their food is grown and produced. Throw some burgers on the grill and host an informative Beef Month event in your local community. Share your beef knowledge with group of grade school children. Invite your friends over for a beef backyard cookout. Whether it is a graduation party, a t-ball victory celebration, or simply an opportunity to connect with family and friends, beef is a yummy choice! Browse our favorite BEEF grilling recipes HERE!

FY23 BIWFD Brand Anthem

4.  LEND A HAND: Give back to the BEEF industry.

This month, take a moment to give back to the industry you know and love. Find a young producer who could use some mentorship and give them some production tips. Seek out opportunities at your local cattlemen’s association to give back or donate to their cause. Take a dinner (beef, of course) to a neighbor when you know they have had a long week. The opportunities to support each other within the cattle industry are endless.