Beef in the Classroom

We make cooking with beef in the classroom easy, budget friendly, and an educational experience your students will enjoy.

Beef In the classroom

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We have a variety of materials available for teachers and students. From recipes to beef cut charts, we have everything you need to make beef in the classroom a delicious and enjoyable experience for students of all skill sets, and to inspire of the next generation of beef lovers! 

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Beef provides a great opportunity for students to learn new cooking techniques as well as the nutritional benefits of high quality protein. To support classrooms and their desire to make beef a part of the curriculum, we developed the Beef in the Classroom Grant. 



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Activity pages, coloring books, online games, and more! 

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Pasture to Plate 

This "Pasture to Plate" PowerPoint is designed for use in the classroom to provide students with Beef nutrition information as well as details about how their food is raised and where it comes from. This approach is meant to supplement the information provided by instructors and Beef up (all puns intended!) students' classroom experience.