it's a family tradition

The Ayers Family 

Meet Rick. Rick is a genuine, American-made, hard-working, tell-it-to-you-straight kind of guy. He’s a father; he’s a son; and he’s a true family man. Rick gets up early and he stays up late, working long hours to provide for his family and to make the world a better place. Driven by a passion for doing what he loves, Rick is a dreamer and a go-getter who gets things done. Rick is a Missouri beef producer. 

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The Bruce Family 

Kalena Bruce wears many hats. Residing in Cedar County, Missouri in the Stockton Lake area, Kalena is a mother, rancher and accountant. Her days are long but her outlook on life is very bright, loving her life and family, and raising quality Missouri beef for consumers around the world. 

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The Simpson Family 

Jarrod Simpson’s family has been committed to providing a high-quality, healthy food source – beef—since 1952. Jarrod, a 5th generation beef producer, and his father, Bobby, own and manage Simpson Farms. A rich ranching heritage runs deep throughout the land and fuels the Simpson family business.

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