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Family Tradition: Heart and Heritage Fuel Ranching Family

Jarrod Simpson’s family has been committed to providing a high-quality, healthy food source – beef—since 1952. Jarrod, a 5th generation beef producer, and his father, Bobby, own and manage Simpson Farms. A rich ranching heritage runs deep throughout the land and fuels the Simpson family business. 

Located in Salem, Missouri, Simpson Farms is comprised of a 600+ head commercial Angus and Angus-cross cow/calf herd. Raising high quality beef for Missouri families and consumers across the United States is their passion. Jarrod’s grandfather, Junior, moved Simpson Farms from New Mexico to Missouri in 1952 on the railroad in search of better opportunities to fuel the family’s passion for raising cattle and producing beef.  Salem provided a better climate, landscape and conditions to carry forth the family’s tradition. Jarrod’s father, Bobby, followed in his father, Junior’s, footsteps. With two older brothers and two younger sisters moving away from the farm after high school to pursue other opportunities, Bobby carried the tradition forward. Bobby and his wife, Cathy, remain active in the day-to-day management of the operation.  

LIFE ON THE ranch 

As Missouri beef producers, Jarrod and his father’s summers are spent in the hayfield, cutting and bailing approximately 175 acres of alfalfa and alfalfa-mix hay and about 60 acres of grass hay. At Simpson Farms, cows are bred to calve in the fall, so the fall season consists of 24-7 monitoring to ensure the well-being of the cows and new calves. 

Jarrod and his father stay busy in the winter months feeding hay and checking water supplies to make sure the herd has everything they need to be healthy. The Simpson family bales about 14,000 square bales of hay each year, in addition to some large hay bales, for the cattle. 

In the spring, Simpson Farms work to improve pasture and hay ground, build and fix fence, and provide vaccines and dewormer to the herd to help animals stay healthy. “We do everything we can to keep our cows healthy and provide a low-stress environment for them,” said Jarrod. 

Simpson Farms utilizes a rotational grazing program to maximize forage quality and efficiency, and to be able to continue to provide a high-quality beef supply to feed the world’s growing population. Rotational grazing systems allow fields a 30-day rest period, from grazing, so they yield the best nutrients for a healthy herd.  

Jarrod also works to continually improve the health and quality of his herd through his ranch management practices. Over the last several years, Simpson Farms have utilized artificial insemination (A.I.) technology to improve the genetics of the herd. Bringing superior quality genetics in from bulls makes the birthing process easier and improves the performance and production of the herd.

a labor of love  

For Jarrod, his work on the ranch is truly a labor of love, and it fuels his way of life. Ranching is more than a job to Jarrod. As a 5th generation beef producer, Jarrod’s family’s tradition on the ranch, gives him a sense of pride knowing he is carrying the family business forward.

Growing up on the farm, producing beef is all Jarrod has ever done, and all he has ever wanted to do. He loves his “hands-on” career and being able to work the land and his animals. While he’s juggled a few off-the-farm jobs in addition to his work on the farm, ranching is the most enjoyable and rewarding job he’s ever done. 

Jarrod loves what he does and who he works with. In addition to his father, Jarrod loves working with his wife, Krystal, and three sons—Chase (7), Trey (5), Rhett (3), and daughter, Hadlynn (six months). Chase is currently more active on the farm than his younger siblings.  One of the things Jarrod loves most about ranching is getting to see his kids grow up on the farm. He hopes to continue to grow and expand his ranch for the 6th generation to carry forward. 


Benefits of Beef 

At Simpson Farms, Jarrod and his family are very proud of the beef they produce. 

Beef is a nourishing protein source easily incorporated into your diet. For tips on how to cook and prepare beef, visit There are also many great recipes for preparing beef available at Learn more about the health benefits of beef at

Many Missouri beef producers, like Jarrod, share a way of life and unwavering passion for providing quality beef to consumers in Missouri, and across the country. For the Simpson family, heart and heritage have brought them to where they are today, and will be the fuel to carry their legacy forward for many generations to come.

Simpson Farms

Salem, Missouri

rotational grazing

Rotational grazing is a method of grass management used by many farmers and ranchers. Cattle are rotated through smaller sections of pasture in an effort to better utilize available forages. Rotational grazing improves forage yield and minimizes weed and erosion problems. 

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