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On the Farm STEM

Phenomena Found in Agriculture

Free Livestream Events offer Professional Development Credits

Join educators from across the nation in free livestream events which explore agriculture as a real-world lens for science education. These remote learning opportunities will bring field experts into a virtual classroom to explore anchoring phenomena based on their experiences. The events will offer valuable insight on how educators can help students draw connections across disciplines and grade levels through storylines related to the world of agriculture and food production.
These rich professional learning opportunities will help educators become better equipped to navigate the shifts in practice laid out by Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The sessions will offer an opportunity to collaboratively explore three dimensional learning, reflect on instructional shifts, and deepen understanding on phenomena routines.

High School Genetics & Herdity

How can we design cattle to better meet human needs? In this high school Storyline unit on genetics and heredity, students are introduced to ‘SuperCows’. As they explore the vast variety of cattle breeds, students discover that cattle are specialized for different purposes and while similar, the ‘SuperCows’ are clearly unique. Students wonder what caused this diversity and specificity which leads to investigations about the role of inheritance, DNA and proteins.

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Middle School Ecosystem Dynamics & Interactions 

What do prairie chickens need in order to survive today's prairie? This middle school unit covering ecosystems, animal behavior and symbiosis was developed through the Storyline approach. Middle school students will be figuring out why prairie chickens have a very unique dance and understand the role cows play to help ensure the dance takes place. Using this approach, students engage in science concepts to help ensure the survival of the prairie chicken.

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In the Classroom Resources 

Individual Coloring pages

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Coloring Book

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Activity book

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Kid Friendly beef Recipes

Make dinner fun for all ages with kid-approved recipes that satisfy picky palates and grown-up sensibilities. Get the family together and enjoy mealtime with these free printables. 

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Built From beef

Beef is one of the many products we get from cattle, but it isn't the only thing! Learners will discover how cattle byproducts provide many of the things we use every day. 

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Pasture Cow-Culations

Beef cattle eat grass for most of their life. They graze on grass that often could not be used to grow other crops. Learners will use math skills to determine the right pasture for each herd of cattle. 

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The Big Race

Click and flip your way through these exciting comic books that help connect kids to food, fiber and energy! Students will get a kick out of these easy-to-navigate online-readers. 

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Beef Heritage eComic

Click and flip your way through these exciting comic books that help connect kids to food, fiber and energy! Students will get a kick out of these easy-to-naviagte online-readers. 

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the science of beef toolkit

Bring science to life with real-world applications of scientific principles. This kit contains 8 learning tools which support Next Generation Science Standards Life Science Disciplinary Core Ideas.

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after school resources kit: beef education

Fun, quick activities that support learning after school or in an information setting. here are some fun activities for schools, teachers and families in your community to start the conversation about beef. 

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beef up your nutrition

Learn about the power of beef in the healthy diet. This lesson plan guides learners through the process of creating a meal plan based on the My Plate guidelines, using beef as a lean protein source. 

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the stage is set for beef

The lesson plan guides learners through the lifecycle of the beef animal, from cow-calf, to stocker ranch, to feed yard and finally processing. 

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beef volunteer guide

This resources is intended to equip classroom volunteers with relevant material to share important information about the beef industry with teachers, students and students' families. in this resources, you will find four standards-aligned lesson plans that highlight important industry information while reinforcing key concepts taught in the classroom. 

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grocery grab

Become a master meal builder and grocery store expert! In this fun game you'll beef up your nutrition knowledge. 

 Industry concepts:  

 Beef Nutrition  

 Confident buying skills 

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the steaks are high

Ever wondered how your delicious beef got to your table? The "steaks" are high fro farmers and ranchers who know the importance of caring for animals and the environment in the beef production process. Beef up your math skills as you play! 

 Industry concepts:  

Cattle production from cow-calf to feed yard  

Farmers care for animals 

 Farmers care for the land 

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