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More Beef, More Often

Luella Gregory, MoBKF Program Director | March 11, 2021

More Beef, More Often

Luella Gregory, Mobkf program director | March 11, 2021

More beef, more often --- this is the focus of Mo Beef Mo Kids, a program of the Missouri Beef Industry Council and supported by Missouri farmers and ranchers through the beef checkoff. 

Mo Beef Mo Kids continues to focus on more beef, more often, in the lunchroom,  while implementing educational components this spring.  

Schools continue to face challenges, while keeping COVID protocols in place within foodservice. Schools to begin participation this year include Edina, El Dorado Springs, Southwest-Livingston, King City, Archie, Clinton, Dadeville, Hermitage, Weaubleau and Greenfield. The majority of schools will continue with steps for implementation this fall.  

Selected High School members, as part of the Mo Beef Academy continue to share resources within their community, to expand programming and keep beef top of mind. 

Seasonal campaigns and classroom education also allow youth and participating schools to connect beef to health and nutrition.  As part of Heart Health Month, students learned about beef and its role in a heart healthy diet. During Nutrition Month, students will explore beef as part of a balanced plate and high-quality protein option.  

The Pasture to Plate three-part series tells the story of beef from farm to plate, while engaging students in fun and interactive activities. Learn more here.

The educational message brings the eating experience full circle, as students explore beef in more meals at school. Sample menu items include Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches, Tacos, Roast and pizza. Need some kid-friendly meal inspiration? Check out the Kid Friendly Fare recipe collection here. 

Thanks to the farmers and ranchers who donate beef to make this program possible. Not only do students have the opportunity to eat quality protein, they also connect beef and other items to farm families like these: 

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