What is the Checkoff? 

Research indicates that as many as four out of ten producers know little about the $1-per-head beef checkoff. If it’s your money being invested in consumer marketing programs, you have the right and the responsibility to know how those dollars are being spent.

Ours is a diverse and complex industry, but it’s never been more important for us to understand how to bring various segments together for a common cause. Today that shared purpose is building demand for beef by addressing the specific needs of our changing consumer target.

Cattle producers have always faced a variety of challenges, but it’s probably more important than ever to study and communicate with the organizations working to keep the focus on merchandising our ultimate product. The beef checkoff is the one industry-controlled program seeking to build markets, promote beef’s essential role in the diet and deal with dramatic changes in how the product needs to be presented.

In Missouri, the MBIC continues to seek effective ways to communicate with producers and let them know more about where checkoff dollars go and how the program works. It’s your money and your program.

Why is there a beef checkoff? 

Beef producers created the checkoff as a self-help promotion, research and information program. It was approved in 1988 by 79 percent of beef producers in a referendum after grassroots input shaped the program. In recent producer attitude surveys, approximately 70 percent of cattlemen approve of the checkoff.

Economics in the beef business have led to lots of questions about every aspect of our industry. Concerns about what the checkoff can do to address various problems have arisen in some quarters.

The bottom-line reason for a checkoff is to understand and communicate with our consumers. It’s an ever-changing marketplace, and the product we offer must meet changing demands.

How do I pay into the Checkoff?  

By law, all producers selling cattle or calves, for any reason and regardless of age or sex, must pay $1 per head to support beef/veal promotion, research and information through the Beef Promotion and Research Act.

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How is the Checkoff promoting beef in a healthy diet? 

"Beef. It's What's For Dinner." brand, the checkoff is sharing recipes, nutritional facts and the dietary benefits of eating beef with consumers.

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Who pays the dollar? 

By law, all producers selling cattle or calves, for any reason, are required to pay $1 per head to support beef/veal promotion, research and information.

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Is anyone exempt from paying the dollar? 

Producers of 100 percent USDA-certified organic products are exempt from most commodity checkoffs.

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More Beef Checkoff FAQ's 

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