Get to Know Missouri Farmers and Ranchers

Missouri has a vast array of farms and ranches across the state and you'll find at the center of each and every one, family. Family is a driving force for a lot of producers. Creating a life for their family, carrying on a family tradition, or helping to cultivate in their children an appreciation for agriculture. 

Ayers Family

The Ayers 

Rick is a genuine, American-made, hard-working, tell-it-to-you-straight kind of guy. He’s a father; he’s a son; and he’s a family man.

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The Simpson Family

The Simpsons

Jarrod Simpson's family has been committed to providing a high-quality, healthy food source -- beef -- since 1952...

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Courtesy of the Missouri Beef Industry Council

The Bruces

Kalena Bruce wears many hats.  As a mother, rancher and accountant, her days are long but her outlook on life is very bright...

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"I do not believe there was ever a life more attractive than life on a cattle farm..."

- Theodore Roosevelt